Callout for support

We are still bringing the struggle of becoming citizens,


to all non-citizens camps,


camp to camp, room to room.


In the continue of going to all non-citizen camps in Germany, with the perspective of involving the subjects of this struggle as much as possible, and for making a resistance network within the subjects, we, The Action circle of Non-citizens Resistance, will start the second wave of our tour.

After separating Germany's map to 4 different regions, 4 members of the Action Circle will cover all non-citizen camps in these 4 regions to spread the flyer of a big strike to the hand of each non-citizen.

It’s totally clear that to make this big project work well, in this unsecure situation which is coming from a non-citizen’s status, and without any finance support, for sure we do need support of political active citizens who has the access to information and sources.

What kind of support is needed in this tour:


1- Finding out the addresses of the non-citizens camps (refugee camps) in your region


2- Helping us in transportation for going to non-citizen camps.


3- Contacting other active citizens in any region you may know them for mobilizing first two points.


4- Accommodation for one or two days for one person of circle in your region.


The places that we do need contact and non-citizens (asylum seekers) camps:



1- Bonn

2- Duisburg

3- Dortmund

4- Münster

5- Osnabrück

6- Oldenburg

7- Bremen

8- Hanover

9- Brunswick

10- Magdeburg

11- Halle

12- Gottingen

13- Kassel

14- Bielefeld

Contact number: 015214727052-Ashkan




1- Aalen

2- Ulm

3- Friedrichshafen

4- Freiburg

5- Karlsruhe

6- Pforzheim

7- Stuttgart

8- Heibronn

9- Heidelberg

10- Ludwigshafen

11- Kaiserslautern

12- Saarbrücken

13- Trier

14- Koblenz

15- Mainz

16- Darmstadt

17- Frankfurt

18- Giessen

19- Marburg

20- Kassel


Contact number: 015214045382 Houmer





1- Dresden

2- Chemnitz

3- Gera

4- Jena

5- Erfurt

6- Suhl

7- Coburg

8- Hof

9- Leipzig


Contact number: 015214729947 Mohammad




1- Berlin

2- Kliestow

3- Cottbus

4- Launchhammer

5- Lübbenau

6- Königs Wusterhausen

7- Potsdam

8- Prenzlau

9- Neubrandenburg

10- Greifswald

11- Rostock

12- schwerin

13- lubeck

14- Kiel

15- Neümunster

16- Hamburg

17- Lüneburg

18- Hagenow

19- Wittstock

20- Neuruppin


Contact number: 015214727052- Ashkan

This tour will take place on 15th of March and it will continue for one month. So please contact us to support the tour


Financial Support:

Name: Streitberger Refugee-Congress (Sparkasse)
Konto.Nr: 264 795 84 [bank account]

BLZ: 750 50000 [bank identification code]


Logistic support

We need accomodation, food and people who drive (since we don’t have driving permissions) to support a refugee group that wants to visit all existing refugee camps during the realisation of the concept.

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Communication Support

The Communication Commitee is the connection between non-citizen activists and citizen activists. It keeps up and distributes the contacts of the activists. This commitee communicates in English.

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The inequality between citizens and non-citizens is a systematical inequality that we are going to put to an end.”

The Action circle of independent non-citizen struggle