Callout for Organizing the Non-citizens' Protestmarch to Munich

Dear friends,

After the protest of the hungerstriking NC's at Rindermarkt, the violent eviction by the police and in view of the fact that none of the demands of the protesters were met, the NC's will continue their protests. So, the protesters from Rindermarkt, which are definitely not going to go back to the camps, jointly decided to walk in the form of two protest marches to Munich through Bavaria, to inform as many NC's as possible and to give the opportunity to participate in this protest to those who also want to do something about these conditions. Therefore, it will be two marches to reach as many people as possible. Everyone standing behind the demands (the right to stay for all / recognition of the asylum applications) of the protesting NC's and want to support them in getting their justice is welcome to participate.

There will be two different routes on the way to Munich. Route A will start from Wuerzburg and after passing Nuernberg and Augsburg will move toward Munich and route B will start from Bayreuth and after passing Regensburg and Landshut will continue to Munich. Purpose of these 2 routes is to mobilize NCs living in Lagers to join in. Below at the end we are sending you 2 links to the maps of the 2 routes of the protest march with hypothetical stop-points which of course may have to get changed depending on our possibilities and facilities to organize the stops.

It is going to start on 20. August, planned arrival is between 1. and 5. September. So there are about 15 night-stays per route. The most important thing we need to organize at first, are places to stay on the ways (including overnight material), cars and drivers.

To enable better collaboration, we have formed the following working groups, most of them have both, NC's and C's as members. For each group, there is an own Email address and Google Group (mailing list). Those who wish to participate in the respective group, please register at the email address specified:

  1. Logistics (
    Refugees as well as activists form this group. This group is responsible to solve all logistical issues on both routes.
    1. Important things in both routes are:

1-      Places to sleep

2-      Tents and sleeping bags

3-      Food and drinks

4-      Escort cars

5-      Toilettes and the possibility to take shower

6-      Electricity (specially on countryside)

7-      Transpies, flyers, megaphone…

8-      … (list is open- if you see other support which is needed feel free to say. Just contact the group)

  1. We need a car in each route to carry all the material and baggage of non-citizens as well as a caravan with a toilet, in case we can’t find a service area.

 2. Press / Media (

It publishes press releases and statements from the Ncs, forwards press requests and evaluates the coverage from press. Taking care of the website, Facebook, etc. is also part of it. Due to the difficult situation with the internet on the way there should be a solid media center in a town that collects all information from the marches, publishes important stuff and in turn gives feedback about the media to the NC's on the protest marches.

  1. For having a complete press review and analysis of the media’s direction many intrested people are needed to work in a harmony on it.
  2. One can find detailed information on our official website This website will be administrated to publish non-citizens’ point of view, therefore it will become the mouthpiece of the protest and should be spread.
  3. Furthermore there will be press conferences in different cities which have to be organized to ensure local press activities.

3. Communication (

The aim of this group is to have representatives from the various supporter groups (regional / geographic) in this Communication Group to ensure the information exchange between NC's and C's.

It starts contacting groups and individuals in the cities which we’ll pass along our two routes to Munich to activate local support. The group has to write a list with all active groups and individuals so that the Logistic group can use this information and structures.

    1. It also builds up connection to the lawyers who are familiar with the asylum laws or/and the right of assembly to solve the problems quickly.

4. Finance (

  1. This working group is concerned with the means to get donations to support the protest financially. The idea is that this kind of support should be enabled without advertising for each organization which is donating.

Please contact our financial group and make a donation to the following bank account.


Name: Streitberger Refugee-Congress
Institut: Sparkasse Regensburg
BLZ: 750 500 00
Konto-Nr.: 26479584

IBAN: DE 417505 00 00 00 2647 9584


Spendenkonto / Verwendungszweck: Protestmarsch Munich

5. Documentation (
It is very important that this protest march is accompanied and documented by photographers, film-makers etc… everyone who is experienced or knows someone who is experienced is needed and can join this workgroup by writing an email.

6. Medicine (
This working group is trying to establish contacts with doctors and medical personnel that can be active on site.

7. Mobilization (

This group consists of only NCs (mobilization in the camps), but it needs car drivers immediately for camp tours throughout Bavaria. If you can hereby support, please apply to the email address of the logistics group as well.


8. Translation ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Translations (of political essays, call-outs, press releases etc.) are very much needed - the main languages for the mobilization of asylum seeker are currently: *Farsi, *English, *French, *Urdu, *Kurdi-sorani, *Kurdi-kurmanci, *Romanes, *Russian, *Arabic. the main languages needed for press releases/essays (mostly directly the german public) are:

*English and *German. +this working group has a coordination circle (currently 3 people) and two e-mail lists: one for coordinating written translations, one for coordinating oral interpretations. (spontaneous) translators and_or
interpreters are always urgently needed - no matter which language!


9. Anti-Repression ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Takes care of any repression coming from police/ the state - be it towards non-citizen activists or citizen supporters. this group supports with legal advice as well as politically and financially. +currently only 2 people make up the working group (plus structures from the rote hilfe Munich with legal advice). there is urgent support needed in this working group - anybody, wherever, can join and start working online - mostly it will be about answering e-mails and questions from those affected by repression. Munich/Bavaria-based people are needed in a second step once letters arrive and people need to be supported in going to lawyers etc.! soon, there will be a anti-repression workshop/meeting in Munich.


The working groups are not a platform for political discussions / arguments, but to act in accordance with the implementation of the protest marches. For a better network and disseminate you are welcome to forward this email to people, of whom you know that they want to support this protest.



Route A:

Route B:


Thank you!