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Third press release of the activists of the action at the Iranian embassy

Third press release of the activists of the action at the Iranian embassy

Berlin, the 29th of November 2012

The protesters demand the immediate release of all political prisoners.

These protesters don’t belong to any political group and organization. This action came from their independent political thoughts.

Wednesday 28th of November 2012, at 2 pm we, some political activists, entered the yard of the Iranian embassy to support political prisoners in Iran and to show our disgust about the behavior of the Islamic regime toward political opponents. We believe that the embassy is the symbol of the Iranian regime in Germany. By dragging down the official flag of this regime we attacked its identity and we called on the Iranian government to immediately release all political prisoners. We wanted to draw the attention of the international community to the crimes that happen day by day in the prisons of the Islamic Regime.

In recent months we have observed systematic repression with increasing pressure on political prisoners. Today is the 44th day of Nasrin Sotoudeh’s hunger strike, therefore the pressure on female political prisoners increases. The two web bloggers Jamil Zoweidi and Sattar Beheshti were murdered in prison under torture and within the last month more than 100 executions were carried out. The disgust towards the Iranian regime is therefore even higher than in the past.

After entering the yard of the embassy, we dragged down the flag of Islamic Regime to replace it by a new flag calling for a “Free World” and equality between women and men. While burning the Islamic Regime’s, we started shouting our slogans like “Political Prisoners Must Be Released” or “Down with Islamic Republic”. During the action we also threw green color bombs, which are a symbol for the Green Movement in Iran, towards the embassy building. Finally the activists exited of the yard and police came to the event. At the end 11 people were arrested.

The big reflection of this action made the foreign minister of Germany, as the speaker of government in international issues, to react. Despite his knowledge about the Iranian government´s crimes he apologized and spoke out his regrets to his Iranian peer. He does this, although just last week the German government has demanded more pressure on Irans government by increasing the embargos.

The activists of the action at the Iranian embassy in Berlin

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VIDEO Bekanntgabe der Verhandlungen-31.10.12

Nach stundenlangen Verhandlungen mit dem Bezirksbürgermeister Hanke, geben die Flüchtlinge die Ergebnisse bekannt, dazu gehört u.a., dass die "massivität" der polizei zurückgenommen und ein Kältebus aufgstellt wird.


VIDEO Soliaktion im Lager Waßmannsdorf